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Latin American Tax Policy Forum

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The Latin American Tax Policy Forum (LATPF) was founded on October 26, 2021. LATPF is a think tank engaged in the discussion of tax policy design for countries in the Latin American region (which includes Latin American countries and neighboring countries in Central and South America). It was created with a dual mission:

  • To communicate the viewpoints of local advisors and academics about local, regional, and global tax policy proposals that affect the Latin American region; and

  • To produce independent academic research about tax policy in Latin America.

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Areas of interest

Tax policy discussions relevant to LATPF and in-scope for its contributions can be:

  • Individual (e.g., VAT, CIT, WHT, DST, FTT reforms or proposals in particular jurisdictions),

  • Regional (e.g., the Andean Community tax treaty, the Pacific Alliance tax treaty, the Mercosur agreement), or

  • Global (e.g., those proposed by international organizations such as the OECD or the UN). 

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